Use free speech to quash hate

J. correctly observes that Germany has laws banning hate speech, including Holocaust denial, its archetypal example (“Stop avoiding the truth about terror,” Jan. 16). Other European nations do as well. The legacy of the Holocaust and Europe’s traditional value on the sanctity of individual dignity partly explains why such laws can exist in democracies that…
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Anti-Muslim Ads on Muni Buses Stun Riders (NBC Bay Area – KNTV, 1/13/15)

Central Pacific Regional Director quoted on NBC Bay Area regarding anti-Muslim ads on Muni buses….
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Elementary Schools in Hercules CA empower students to stand up against bullying

Both Hanna Ranch and Ohlone Elementary Schools recently booked ADL Becoming an Ally workshops for their students.  Additionally, both schools are part of this year’s No Place for Hate® Initiative with the commitment to create a more positive and respectful climate. Thirty-two 4th grade students at Hanna Ranch learned about the different types of bullying…
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Leadership students at Tierra Linda Middle school create anti-bullying PSAs

A group of 27 San Carlos students at Tierra Linda Middle School participated in a full day of ADL’s Becoming an Ally workshop.  Between watching GroundSpark’s Let’s Get Real video, sharing personal experiences and considering possible solutions to real-life scenarios, students discovered various strategies to respond as allies during incidents of bullying.  Additionally, using the…
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