Letter to the Oakland Tribune

Israel seeks compromise……
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ADL in the News

Letter to the Editor from ADL Board Member: Palestinian casualties are Hamas’ fault…
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You have one more week for this challenge: Visit a Gordmans store, purchase a “Helping Hand” for $1 and help support ADL’s anti-bullying programs! All students deserve respect and dignity as they head back to school—help us provide the tools….
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ADL Resources for College Students: Anti-Israel and/or Anti-Semitic Activity on Campus

The Anti-Defamation League has extensive experience monitoring, exposing, and helping students respond to anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incidents.  During and after periods of increased tension, anti-Israel forces at universities may be more likely to engage in divisive programming, organize anti-Israel campaigns, promote boycotts of Israel, and create hostility for Jewish and pro-Israel students on campus. There…
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The State of Global Anti-Semitism

  Join us for this talk with Vlad J. Khaykin, Associate Director of ADL’s Central Pacific Region, about the findings of the first ever global study on anti-Semitism, the Global 100….
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