Letter: Hate-crimes bill would protect all

  “Utah law enforcement agencies have reported 1,279 hate crimes to the state’s Department of Public Safety in the last 20 years, but none of the perpetrators has been prosecuted under the existing anemic hate crime law. At long last, Utahns deserve meaningful and effective hate crime protections…” Read our full letter:…
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ADL Praises New Legislation to Strengthen Utah Hate Crime Protections

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today welcomed the introduction of a bill (SB 107) to extend, strengthen, and clarify hate crimes protections and criminal identification reporting for all Utahns. ADL urged swift passage of the bill and called on Governor Gary Herbert to sign it into law. “SB 107 provides critical protection for all Utahns and…
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ADL Urges Utah’s Leaders to Support Comprehensive Hate Crime Legislation

  ADL wrote to Utah Governor Gary Herbert, Speaker of the House Wayne Niederhauser, and Senate President Greg Hughes urging them to support SB 107, which will make Utah’s current hate crime law more comprehensive and effective.  The bill specifies personal characteristics which form the basis for prosecuting a perpetrator: ancestry, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity,…
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High School Essay Contest

We are excited to offer an essay contest open to all Bay Area high school students grades 9-12. This is an opportunity to submit an original essay that is a tribute to moral courage.  Through this essay we hope to: Honor diversity, cultural pride, and fair treatment for all people Help students learn about examples…
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2016 ADL Torch of Liberty Award: Honoring Rick Welts

The ADL Torch of Liberty Award was established to recognize individuals and corporations who have exhibited humanitarian concerns, and whose everyday actions exemplify the principles on which the Anti-Defamation League was founded.   ADL honors those whose involvement in business and community programs brings together people of all races, religions and ethnic backgrounds to join…
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