Student Coalition at Stanford Confronts Allegations of Anti-Semitism

“This is a particularly important teaching moment,” said Vlad Khaykin, the associate director of the Central Pacific Region of the Anti-Defamation League. “Having aspersions cast on their ability to reflect the interest of the student body on the basis that they are Jewish is obviously very troubling to us. The university needs to make it…
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Stanford student accuses group of anti-Semitic question

“We’ve seen this now on a number of campuses … [Jewish students] feeling like their Jewish identity is being called into question in terms of their ability to serve on various student bodies and to be impartial representatives,” said Vlad Khaykin, associate regional director of the ADL’s S.F.-based Central Pacific Region….
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ADL Issues Security Bulletin for Significant Dates in April

SECURITY BULLETIN April 1, 2015  As we enter the month of April, and prepare for several holidays and observances (including Passover from April 4-11; Holocaust Remembrance Day on April 16; and Israeli Independence Day on April 23), we should also be mindful that there are several dates and anniversaries approaching of significance to extremists. There…
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ADL presents anti-bias Current Events Curriculum at Regional CAIS Conference

Many thanks to Regional Board member, Michelle Greenberg, for her role in securing a workshop for ADL at this year’s California Association for Independent Schools Regional Conference held at Head-Royce School.  Representing Kehillah Jewish High School and as a CAIS member, Michelle worked with Melia Dunn, Director of Education to develop and present Teaching Bias,…
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2015 ADL Regional Board and Committee Meeting Dates

Board – 12:00 noon – 1:30pm March 10 June 3 September 9 November 11 Development Committee – 4-5pm Jan 13 March 12 May 14 Sept. 10 Nov. 12 Education April 21  6-7pm August 11  6-7pm November 10  2-3pm International Affairs Committee – 6-7:30pm April 23 August 13 November 12 Civil Rights – 12:00noon – 1:30pm…
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Civil Rights in America, Then and Now

Dr. Clarence Jones, speechwriter, confidant, and counsel to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. will share his unique perspective and insights….
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