Statistics show that our schools are becoming more diverse.   No Place for Hate® celebrates that diversity and offers a unique opportunity to prepare young people to succeed in a rapidly changing world. The initiative seeks to provide a method for combating bias, bullying and hatred in our schools and offers a unique opportunity to incorporate new and existing programs with one consistent message. No Place for Hate® creates more harmonious communities by combating bias, promoting respect and increasing an appreciation for the richness that diversity brings.

 Steps to Becoming No Place for Hate®

  • After contacting the Anti-Defamation League, a school launches its program by establishing a No Place for Hate® Committee to oversee the school’s anti-bias activities. The Committee should include faculty/administrators, parents and students.
  • The No Place for Hate® Committee chooses at least three No Place for    Hate® projects that recognize diversity and promote respect and understanding.
  • The school signs the Resolution of Respect or issues an official declaration affirming a commitment to promoting respect and challenging bigotry in all its forms.
  • The school plans and implements three or more No Place for Hate® approved projects within the first year.
  • The Anti-Defamation League then officially designates the school as No Place for Hate® for a period of one year. During an official presentation, the school receives a banner to commemorate this milestone. The school has the opportunity to be re- designated in subsequent years by implementing additional projects and activities.

For more information about No Place for Hate®, please contact No Place for Hate Project Coordinator, 415-981-3500 x237 or email

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